Sunday, September 26, 2010

Let's build a new site (or die trying) - update

An old friend stumbled upon my post written after the meltdown at 1X and asked if there's any news. Maybe it's about time to give an up-date of the situation, just for the record.

First, when the new .co domains were made available in July-August I obtained lots of catchy domain names for the future site. My personal favorites are:, and
Or maybe it will be something more trivial like,,,,, or just - who knows :)

Or maybe it will be something totally different, because apart from my own project (the developers are in the demo phase) other friends are also building something big; I'm not sure if they liked their name displayed at this stage, hence I prefer not to tell. (As a matter of fact: because almost anyone involved in either project is still on 1X I really better keep my mouth shut). I absolutely loved their demo version but in the end it depends on the overall concept; I hope they will not narrow down the scope of their site to street photography. It's the queen of non-conceptual photographic arts but only for the chosen few, and nobody designing a site wants to have few members.

Bottomline: the project is in its Rubber Duck phase, looking smooth and quiet on the surface but paddling like the devil underneath...

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jon said...

Hey Balazs,
Well, I shall watch this space to see what you are dreaming up. IX is a smaller place without your personality and humour. There is still work I respect on there, though much of it may not be work I actually like ;-) Still lots of good people on the forum though.
Very best to you and yours,
Jon (JBA)