Saturday, September 18, 2010

Abandoned lights

No amount of megapixels will ever take the place of a T-Max or Tri-X but Kodak's infrared film, HIE, has become hopelessly obsolete. Digital IR images are simply better in all terms. One advantage it still has, though. With a rangefinder camera (especially with external viewfinder) it is pure joy to use: unlike SLRs, the photographer can see the motif because the filter doesn't block the view. I had once experimented with a HIE + Voigtlander Bessa L (and T) combo using 15 and 25mm lenses and was quite happy with the results. This time I had hoped to capture the mood of the abandoned Maharishi ashram in Rishikesh on infrared but the results were rather disappointing.

Trying to save the day I converted a few digital images into IR lookalikes. It's worth comparing this with the film shot above:

I don't know... maybe I should stick to the originals.

To be continued.

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