Tuesday, February 2, 2010

R.I.P., Belgian scrapbook

I started this blog in September 2007 to share my thoughts about photography, as a spin-off the half-abandoned Driftwood Gallery. Hence the title: new photonotes. ("New", because "photonotes" wasn't available as title and URL. I was also considering a catchier title like "Britney Spears naked" or "horny Japanese college girls" but changed my mind in the last minute. My visiting stats suffer ever since.) It turned into a photoblog, but I didn't take (and post) enough pictures for it to become a really good photoblog. Brussels is hardly photogenic during the five winter months, and recently our weekend trips to the countryside also ceased for various reasons. There was nothing to post. For some time I considered abandoning this blog alltogether. Somehow however I feel again like writing and decided to get back to the beginnings: here go my very subjective and fallible notes on photography.
I'll write in English to practice the language, and in my mother tongue if something Hungarian-related pops up. Enjoy!

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