Monday, October 19, 2009

Passage to India

Because my body and mind were rusting I longed for the healing power of motion and for this I set out to find the golden domes of Samarkand.
Oups sorry, that will be next year insaallah and I stole this line from a Victorian poet anyway. This year it was India. It's been exactly 10 years I was there last time and I was eager to meet my younger self again, to dig him out from under my layers of fat and laziness.
I will write this in English so that Andre & my other friends understand it who can't speak Mihály Vörösmarty's language.
Before I start, a warning. The photos which I will post, well, they SUCK. I only resized them with Irfan View but didn't apply any editing. In exchange, I didn't apply any editing on the videos either.

By the way, after India I was in Karabagh again, where I got Empire: Total War and I need to try it very urgently. Do you mind if I start telling the story tomorrow? :)

Until then, here's some music I listened to countless times during the trip...


Balogh Zoltán said...

Én is viszek majd Cafe el Mart vasárnap Erdélybe.Mellesleg nincs kedved eljönni,mert egyedül megyek:-))

Pataki Balázs said...

Ne csigázz Zoli ne csigázz... bárcsak mehetnék.