Sunday, September 2, 2007

Infrared afternoon

Yesterday the sun was out at last so I grabbed my cameras and went for a hunt. But before, I had to fix the P-series Cokin 007 IR filter to my beloved 15mm Heliar lens. I used some black adhesive tape to narrow down the diameter of an 52mm A-series mount and fixed the P-holder via an A-to-P adapter. (All this fuss cos the my screw-in filter hasn't arrived after 1 month - eBay sometimes sucks.) Here's the result, on the left:

It will take some time to shoot all the 36 images on the Kodak HIE, though, so I took my 20D DSLR with the standard Hoya R72 as well. As usual, even with ISO @1600, it yielded no usable images under exposures of 60 seconds or so. I used a tripod.
This was way underexposed so I had to adjust it heavily in PS:

On this, I used Photo Wiz's BW Styler (T-Max and soft grade paper).

And yes, it IS possible to photograph people with a 60 secs exposure - if they do you the favour not to move :-)

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