Thursday, September 13, 2007

This piece of PS homework is instead of the many good shots I could have made yesterday, if I had had my camera with me when brave Belgian police, otherwise very busy broke up the 911 memorial march. Why? The PC mayor wanted to please his Moroccan voters. There were 10 years old kids among them, I mean the police, dressed in full riot gear. My GOD what a picture it could have been. But I had to choose between going home for my bulky 20D, which I don't always carry on me, and missing the demo alltogether.
If it goes on like this, in a couple of years I'll photograph ashura on the Grande Place or some other weird Muslim festival. This country is like camembert cheese, looks OK outside but rots inside. Wish I could go home, Hungary stinks too but at least its our own stink.

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