Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A few pics from Almora

One must love Almora. Easier to discover than Simla, more charming than Mussoorie and definitely less crowded than Mussoorie, it seems to be the most liveable of the hill stations I know. It's as relaxed as an Indian town can be and the pedestrians-only bazaar still has some old houses with delicate woodcarvings on their facade. It was the only place where I got even remotely close to street photography in India.

Two days later, already in Rajasthan, we were having a coffee&cigarette break in a dhaba when Soni looked up from his newspaper and said, "very bad rain in Almora, road we came is blocked now, dozen people dead". We were on our way to Jaisalmer and upon hearing this, I started having serious concerns about the safety of that town. Wherever we went, disaster followed. I actually wanted to spend one or two more days in Almora but heavy rains were exactly what I was afraid of and voila, it happened. The only thing worse than leaving a good place in the anticipation of something bad is to be eventually proven right.

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