Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A blissful day

Hola Hombre -

I was supposed to tell you something about your photo titled "Blissful day"but didn't quite feel up to the task, so tonight I hooked up with Praefect on the Corvin rooftop - you know that surreal place in Budapest. Hollywood stage set designers are paid lots of bucks to invent something that's been existing there for years already. Anyway, we didn't get wiser together.
On the one hand, your photo is beautiful - no doubt about that.
On the other hand, to tell what it actually is about - at this point we couldn't quite agree and had to ask the pretty waitress to bring us more wine.
It's an everyday setting with an exotic model (for us, that is) but the environmental portrait line is disrupted by the dysfunctional props: the fake pearls and the camera.
Honestly, we failed to solve the riddle. At least on the "to me, this picture is about...." level. But then we agreed that it's not necessary for a photo to tell a full story from A to Z, which might have been due to our tongues made lazy by the wine and I tell you, after one litre of wine one's tongue finds dealing with photo-aesthetic expressions difficult, but even so, Praefect managed to utter words like "epitheton ornans" and I think he even said something about Kant and the sea, but maybe it was the sweat on the back of the waitress he was thinking about as far as the sea was concerned while I was preoccupied with the girl at the next table whom I thought to have seen once in a lesbian porn movie but wasn't quite sure as I was focusing on your image with half of my brains and couldn't make up my mind after even ten minutes of staring. In any case she had long brown hair and beautiful tits and might have been called Daphne but this didn't bring me any closer to solve the riddle of your picture, and because we met to discuss your photo I turned away from her and the boy she was sitting next to and who was much more handsome than me anyway, having the only comfort that at least she wasn't with another woman.
And then probably after seeing the rocking hips of a tourist girl the word "elegance" came to our mind but I'm not sure we actually said this because we had too much wine and couldn't quite spell such complicated words but we agreed with a mutual nod that it's an elegant photograph, because all its elements are bound together by such naturality and precision that makes us believe everything you wanted to tell and of course the opposite of all that too, and that we are blessed to sit in that café thinking about your photograph and enjoying a blissful day. And I want to thank you for showing this photo and saving us from just another boring evening spent with staring at waitresses and porn actresses and unknown butts by giving food to our hungry souls. You photo saved two lazy souls - for today. Keep'em coming, keep'em up.

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